Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge: Sufficient vs. Insufficient

Okay, here's the deal! Many people (except for those without eyes) have seen the ice bucket challenges for ALS. Now I don't want to be a downer, but frankly I was kind of a bit pessimistic about it. As I understand you are challenged and you have 24 hrs to dump a bucket of ice water on your head, or you are forfeited to donate to the charity. Alright! So as I have noticed, LOTS of videos have been shared around the world with many actors, celebrities, politicians, and many friends that we know have taken on the challenge and drenched themselves with ice water. BUT does this really help the progress of finding a cure for ALS. My answer a few days ago was a stern "NO".. but as I have watched and tried to educate myself more on the disease, I had a thought pop into my head. I remembered when the Broadway show "The Book of Mormon" was a popular topic of conversation. From what I gather, it is not exactly accurate of what us Mormons are all about. Honestly I don't know much about it; but I remember someone saying that any talk of The Book of Mormon and our church is good. Now the basis for this comment came from the idea that this plants a seed. I am a little worrisome of people hearing the wrong views of what being a Mormon (rather LDS) is all about, or more importantly what the doctrine is. But when someone hears about a topic, they might just look into it and find out what it all is about. Hopefully they will find a reliable source.

So what does this have to do with the ice bucket challenge! Well, I heard about it and immediately thought "do I really know what ALS is?" It sparked an interest in me and I decided to look it up and find some information about this disease. I went to (a good reliable resource) and much to my surprise it redirected to a page claiming there was an overwhelming response to the ice bucket challenge, and it mentions some links to visit. Hmmmm maybe I had the wrong idea about this; it turns out it is an absolutely amazing way to bring awareness to ALS and the research that is so important. More people than I realised were getting doused with ice water AND donating! This honestly really surprised me. I mean I had seen how popular it was, but this proved the idea of any talk is good talk. People's ears are perking up about this disease and are finding out what it is all about. This is so awesome!

So, this all seemed good, but I soon found out with more research that not everyone agreed with this idea to spread the work. One article mentioned someone not approving of it because it focused too readily upon this one disease, or rather redirecting money from other charities. WAIT, did I read that right?! WOW. There are certain days, weeks, walks, benefits, and the list goes on that focused on certain awareness for other research of cancer and disease. Seriously, this is gonna quickly run its course and fade out of the limelight. We should be happy about any raised funds to find a cure for any disease. Disease affects everyone, and really that is the bottom line. One day you may be affected by an illness you never thought you'd get! That's life. So in the end, raising awareness helps those around us and maybe ourselves. 

My Auntie Mary died from this disease. ALS ran a corrupt course throughout her body and it was absolutely devastating to our family. I remember my Auntie Mary like it was yesterday. She was like a bright light that brought so much happiness to everyone. I loved spending time with her. Seriously, I remember doing Richard Simmons' workout videos with her! I was quite young and looked up to her so much. My Auntie died shortly after I had my first baby. I could not make it to her funeral because of the travelling. So, this disease reaches out farther than most people realise; that can be said with most diseases. Really I wasn't there to see how ALS destroyed her body, but I could feel the sadness and stress it brought into the family. 

So what does this all mean? Well, get involved! What better things do you have to do? (ya..I know we are all busy). This ice bucket challenge has raised over 500,000 dollars since the beginning of August; that is ten times the amount it normally receives! This ice bucket challenge is definitely sufficient. It is a great movement, and the reason it is great is because this will make a difference. So get with it, because this is good! Go get some ice and donate to a great cause. This is a face of someone who faced this overwhelming disease. These are the people who are fighting for the help and awareness. Let's help them find a cure, let's help them fight ALS. This is my BEAUTIFUL Auntie Mary:)

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